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For over twenty years Greg Rehmke has given talks, held workshops, and published articles and study guides on national debate topics. Since 2003, with Economic Thinking, Mr. Rehmke has held workshops on the economics of high school and homeschool debate topics.

In addition to policy topics, Economic Thinking Online workshops will be available for Lincoln-Douglas (value) resolutions, and on the economics selected current events topics for students competing in World Schools and Parliamentary debate.

ET Online workshops for policy topics:

  • Reducing federal surveillance
  • Federal court system reform
  • Asia trade policy reform.
  • Legal Immigration Reform

  • Lincoln Douglas (value) resolution workshops:

  • Privacy vs. national security
  • Economic development vs. environmental protection
  • Jury independence (“nullification”)
  • World Schools and Parliamentary Debate Workshop

    Economic Thinking Online workshops explain relevant economic principles and Constitutional history (for U.S. topics), and consider the many reform proposals advocated by public policy think tanks.

    Economic Thinking Online Workshop are offered for $25, (and no charge for those attending regional ET workshops). Students will have a learning experience similar to attending an Economic Thinking workshop, with presentations, handouts, plus links to online videos

    Students will also have questions for discussion and be invited to Skype sessions for questions and further discussion.

    My Courses

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    Available Courses

    Agriculture / Food Safety

    Asia Trade

    Education Policy

    Federal Court Reform

    Transportation Policy

    U.S. / China Policy